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Jul 05 2008

Random Thoughts

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This section will include various tips and photos that are of a general nature or out of the main stream of the blog. A General Suggestion for Touring in Venice (or Italy): There is always the possibility of a strike or protest or demonstration in Italy. Many of these events are scheduled in that the time and place have been registered with governmental authorities but as a casual tourist, you may not know about them in advance.


To avoid stress on a vacation, it is strongly recommended that you do not overschedule your activities on a given day so that a seemingly spontaneous interruption of services and/or transportation does not create a huge disappointment. For example, if you have bought a ticket to see a much-loved opera at La Fenice in the evening, it would be wise to stay within central Venice that day, or at least afternoon, so that if the vaporetti or taxis are on strike, you could walk there. Similarly, taking a trip by train on a day when you have evening plans to, say, Verona, might not be a good idea if there are issues with the trains or if you make a mistake and take a train in the wrong direction (I will have to raise my hand to this one. It is hard enough to tell what a public system announcement means in English; in Italian, for me, it is impossible.) Continue Reading »

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